QETLAB:Change log/v0.8

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New functions

  • BellInequalityMaxQubits: Approximates the optimal value of a Bell inequality in qubit (i.e., 2-dimensional quantum) settings.
  • NonlocalGameValue: Computes the maximum value of a nonlocal game in a classical, quantum, or no-signalling setting.

Changes to existing functions

  • BellInequalityMax: Bug fix when computing the classical value of a Bell inequality using measurements that have values other than $0, 1, 2, \ldots, d-1$.
  • KrausOperators: If the zero map is provided as input, this function now returns a single zero matrix Kraus operator, rather than an empty cell containing no Kraus operators.
  • XORGameValue: Bug fix when computing the value of some XOR games with complex entries.