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Prior to meeting Stephen Aumont, Helene Tremblay would have never entertained the idea of dating a black man. Most of the ones she knew at Algonquin College liked to act like thugs, thinking such behavior impresses women, and she didn't like that at all. Helene's reservations about dating the young black men that she saw at her school were well-founded. Of course, once Helene met a brother who was confident enough to be his own man instead of thugging it out, she changed her tune.Looking at Stephen, Helene definitely liked what she saw. The brother had a lot of things going on for himself. Stephen was tall, handsome, masculine and always well-dressed. The Haitian brother had a business degree from Carleton University and worked for Shared Services. He had a nice apartment, made good money, and carried himself like a gentleman. Helene likes those things in a man.Of course, the fact that Stephen Aumont is bisexual would turn off a lot of women, but not Helene. Nope, Helene is the biggest fan of the TV series Supernatural and loves to write slash fiction about the decidedly bicurious characters Dean Winchester and Castiel the Angel, and even throws in the sexy female demon Meg into the mix for good measure. In other words? Male bisexuality turns Helene on the same way that lesbian porn turns on straight men. It was a match made in Heaven.Stephen was thrilled to be dating Helene, who's living proof that there are women who truly like bisexual men. Lots of gay men, afraid of losing undecided men to hopeful women, try to discourage their female friends from dating bisexual men. Lots of bisexual men fall victim to this sabotage tactic. Fortunately for Stephen, Helene isn't like those feeble-minded females. Helene goes for what she wants and has a mind of her own. Stephen wants her more badly than he wants his next breath... bbwtube It's often been stated or pointed out that lots of black men like curvy white women. Stephen Aumont has a thing for big beautiful ladies of all races. For ages, he used to fool around with Gladys, a foxy black mama who was good friends with his parents. Now, while looking for his future wife, Stephen has expanded his playing field, and opened up to dating white ladies. It's a good thing because Helene Tremblay excites him like no one has in quite some time..."Babe, I must confess, I like your farts," Stephen Aumont said to his new love interest, and Helene Tremblay blushed, not believing her ears. The tall, chubby, wide-hipped and big-bottomed, red-haired young French Canadian woman looked at her lover and shook her head. Stephen was something else, to say the very least. Helene liked what she saw, and she liked what she heard even more. "I see," Helene replied, smiling hesitantly, and Stephen nodded. The two of them sat inside the food court at Place D'Orleans in the East End of Ottawa, Ontario. At this hour, the mall was packed since after all this was a Saturday. Some folks walking by looked at the young interracial couple, but neither Helene nor Stephen cared. Who says Haitian men can't date white women of French Canadian descent? Exactly.As Helene and Stephen bantered, the young black man took a look at their surroundings. A young Asian woman walked by with a skinny, effeminate white male. The pair looked at Stephen and Helene, and for a brief moment, Stephen's eyes met those of Mr. Effeminate White Guy. The dude definitely wanted something but Stephen shrugged and ignored him. Stephen focused on Helene, who was talking about their outrageous first date. She's all I want, Stephen thought, smiling.Mr. Effeminate White Guy and his Asian female friend/shopping buddy walked away. For the hundredth time, Stephen realized that his decision to focus exclusively on women was the right choice. He wanted a good lady to share his life and build a family. Most young men who happen to be bisexual, straight-but-curious or gay only want casual sex with random men whose names they didn't even know. Stephen wants more out of life, hence why he's seeing Helene..."When I, you know, let one rip after all those cheese sandwiches at the Rideau center, I was mortified," Helene said, giggling, and Stephen gently squeezed her hand. He remembered the exactly moment when Helene farted. He was telling her a joke about something that happened at work and the pleasantly plump redhead laughed so hard that she farted. Most men would have been disgusted. Most women would have been horrified. Stephen simply laughed it off and reassued Helene because he's cool like that..."Love at first wind," Stephen replied, and Helene grinned, and playfully slapped his arm. The two of them walked out of the food court and went for a walk around the Orleans area. Stephen, who used to live in the City of Montreal, Quebec, found himself blown away by the beauty of Orleans, Ontario The place was fantastic, though it looked pricy. As he admired the scenery, Helene grabbed his butt, bringing him down to earth."Hey, handsome, want to go home?" Helene asked Stephen, flashing him a sly wink, and he grinned. They caught an Uber and headed to his apartment, and had themselves a good time. Once they arrived, Stephen pulled Helene into his arms and kissed her passionately. The two of them got down and dirty, slipping out of their clothes and ended up on the carpeted floor..."Hmm, mademoiselle has a nice derriere," Stephen told Helene as she got on all fours, and spread her thick pale ass cheeks wide open.