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Next morning when I woke up he was already gone. I rubbed my eyes and felt his dried cum on my hand. It was covered in his cum fully. I smelled it and it was still potent. I was enjoying smell of Ravi's cum when his sister walked in with tea. In no time I was pumping my cock in her wanting ass from behind and I inserted my cum covered fingers in her mouth indiantube. She tasting her brother's cum was a major turn on for me and I unloaded in her ass and left her senseless on bed.,,The day passed by normal. In night when it was time to sleep, I came to his bedroom but there was nobody there. I sat there waiting for others to come watching TV. Sometime later Ravi came and climbed onto the bed. We both were watching TV and I was waiting for my other cousin to come. ,,"Where is he?" I asked Ravi when I waited for him long enough.,,"He went to late night movie with Kanchan and gang. He'll sleep in other room as they are going to be late after movie," he told me, eyes fixed on TV.,,My heart was in my mouth. This all could not be a coincidence. He was planning something. My other cousin and Kanchan were not best buddies. She hated him. Ravi must have planned something. What was his plan? I was going crazy.,,"TV is boring. You want to watch something or you want to sleep brother?" he asked me handing me over the remote.,,"Unh?? Oh yeah! Do as you feel like. I am good," I blurted out.,,"Good night then," he said getting into the bed, turning off light of his side. ,,I sat there for some time. My mind was running fast. What if he wanted to fuck me? I didn't plan that. Yes, he knew that I was giving him pleasure lately and now he wanted to take things in his own hands. God, may be I left my hand in his shorts last night. Fuck!! What now?? I lied down with so many questions in my mind. ,,The room was fully dark and he was sleeping on his side. I was still sulking on the pillows. An hour passed and I lied there motionless. Suddenly he turned towards me and placed his arm around me.,,"What's the matter little one, you don't want to feel my cock tonight?" he said and it was like a landslide on my head.,,I said nothing. My heart began to race and I was shaking of fear. ,,"Come on, take it in your hand. It's our little secret brother. I know you like it and I like it a lot as well. Go ahead," I could hear him pulling his shorts down.,,His hard cock was pressed between our bodies. He pressed it some more to my side.,,"See how hard it is for you. Come on feel it," he grabbed his cock and poked it in my waist.,,I turned towards him and with shaking hands grabbed his thick shaft thefreelivesex.,,"Ohhh yes! You hand feels great baby," he sighed.,,I loved his response and began to move my hand on his cock. I was smearing his pre cum on his entire shaft and giving him a good hand. Soon he began to moan and began to pump his cock in my palm. I was feeling great. His big cock was in my palm and was hitting my stomach everytime he pushed it hard in my hand. I was loving the touch of his cock on my body.,,Suddenly he pushed me away, turned me around to the other side and pulled my shorts down. My entire body froze of fear and I was sweating. He was going to fuck me, I thought. I knew how to fuck an ass but it was unbearably painful without proper lubrication. I was shaking.,,"Don't worry baby, not today," he read my mind. He placed his wet cock between my thighs from behind and began to pump his cock between them. He pressed my thighs together to make it tight for his cock. I had big smooth buttery thighs and he was loving the sensation. He was fucking my thighs with fast pace. He wanted to cum. He moved his hand and held my cock.,,"Ohh brother, you are not little one," he said squeezing my cock and kissed my neck from behind. I could feel his erratic breathing on my skin. This was too much for me. I came in his hand. I clenched my thighs tight making it a vice for his big cock and he hit his orgasm. We both were cumming together. My cock was shooting cum all over his bedsheet and his cum was drenching my thighs. I chest was heaving and I leaned into his embrace. Our orgasm were massive and we both were lying there spent.,,"Good night brother," he kissed me on my neck, pulled my shorts up on my big round ass and turned away to sleep. He fell asleep in no time and so did I.,,In the morning I went about my daily routine. Began my day by fucking Kanchan like a bitch in the same bed her brother fucked my legs last night. In day, although, I was busy with things but Ravi's words kept playing in my mind. "Not today baby." What he meant by that? Did he want to fuck my ass? More importantly, was I ready for my ass to be fucked?? My first choice in gay experience was to fuck a male ass not the other way around. But I was liking the fun I was having with Ravi's cock. It would be painful for me but with my experience, Ravi could do it well. My vacations were coming to an end in days and I had to make up my mind. If it was not Ravi then there would be none for a year long. So I asked myself again, "Did I want it?" And I knew the answer. It was a "Yes.",,I began to prepare myself from the evening itself. I knew the rules. First thing for anal is a clean ass hole. I had almost no pubic hair back then so it wasn't an issue. Cleaned my asshole inside out. I knew that Ravi was inexperienced and I wanted my ass to be well lubricated to prevent pain. So I used the jelly I been feeding to Kanchan's ass. I took a large drop of jelly on my finger and inserted it in my ass. I began to finger it in and out, working the walls of my hole. I closed my eyes and was lost in the feeling. My cock got hard and I applied some jelly on it and began to stroke it with other hand. I was fingering my ass with one hand and pumping my cock with other. I looked in the mirror and it was a sight. I shot load after load on the washroom wall. My asshole was well lubricated for Ravi's cock. I wiped the jelly from my finger began to wipe the cum off my other hand when I heard a knock on the washroom door. It was Kanchan. ,,A wicked smile appeared on my lips. I opened the door and pulled her in. I shoved my cum stained fingers in her mouth.,,"Where were you bitch. See I had to shag in your absence. What is the use of you fucking mouth if I had to cum on my hand," I pushed my fingers in her throat.,,She gagged and pleaded with folded hands. I pushed her face to the wall where my cum was flowing down.,,"Lick it clean whore," I commanded her and like a good slave Kanchan licked every drop of my cum from the squeaky tiled wall. I felt a strange pleasure. I threw her on the washroom floor and walked out.,,As the family called it a night, we all proceeded to our rooms. Ravi was already in bedroom. As my other cousin began to follow me to the bedroom. I asked him, "Why don't you sleep in Kanchan's room? You don't need to sleep on the couch every night. Her room have enough space.",,I stared at Kanchan and gave her a signal to take him away. They both didn't know my intentions. They thought I was being a caring brother. He happily agreed as well. Now I was wondering may be he too was getting a piece of Kanchan's. But he wasn't; because if he was, I would have known. I kicked the thoughts out of my mind because tonight was all about my ass.,,I entered the bedroom with a pounding heart. I was over excited and anticipating hell of a great fuck. I climbed the bed and lied down on my side. Ravi was busy with TV. I was lying there controlling my breathing and heartbeat.,,I switched off my side of light and Ravi followed me turning off the TV. He put his arm on me ant pulled me into his embrace from behind. I could feel his already hard rod poking into my ass. He was already naked waste down. He held my hand and placed on his bare cock. It was hard and throbbing under my touch. I held it in my hand and gave it a squeeze. He kissed my neck and began to move his hand on my smooth chest. He held my nipple in his fingers and twisted it. I moaned with pleasure. ,,"So, you want it tonight?" he asked me leaving my nipple and pulling my shorts down. I raised my ass to assist him in making me naked. I was loving it. He held my t shirt and pulled it from my head making me completely nude. He pressed his naked body to my bare back and I felt his body hair poking into my skin. I shivered and clenched my fist on his cock.,,"Tell me baby, you want it?" he took my earlobe in his lips and sucked it.,,I held his hand, raised my leg and made space for his hand between my legs. I placed his hand between my legs and closed my legs. He began to move his fingers between my ass cheeks. He found moisture there and followed that. His fingers reached my moist and ready asshole. He slid his one finger into my hole and it went easily. I moaned on this sudden invasion on my inside. It was first time something other than my own finger went that deep in my asshole. I clenched my muscles and he had to pull his finger with force. It came out with a pop sound.,,"You came ready!" he was surprised "you want my cock in your ass?",,I was feeling everything he was doing or saying. I was loving it.,,"Say it baby, say that you want me to fuck you," he insisted and pressed his body to mine. ,,"Yes Ravi, I want you to put that big cock of yours in my little ass," I whispered as I grabbed his hand and pressed it on my chest. He rubbed my erect nipples and raised one of my leg with his knee. He wanted to enter me from behind and he was now eager. ,,"Wait a minute!" I stopped him "let me tell you how to go with it. It's my first time and your giant cock will tear me apart if you force it.",,He agreed with me. I moved and lied on my back and opened my legs. I was in classic missionary position. I invited him between my open legs and he kneeled between them, his rock hard cock touching the opening of my ass. I raised my feet up and put one feet on his shoulder and other on his chest. I could use the one on his chest to stop him if I wanted to. I learned this technique while fucking his sister Kanchan. She did this when I first fucked her ass. He aligned his cock and supported his upper body on his elbows by my side. I could feel his hot exhales on my face. It had a strong smell. Not odour but strong smell